Sunday, August 2, 2009

Internet tools and their non internet equivalents.

Internet toolNon internet equivalent - A journal

BBC news - BBC 1

YouTube - The good old VCR

Email - The Royal mail or Fed Ex
Bebo, Facebook, MySpace – Meeting friends with photos, your VCR and something to talk about.

MSN - Tin cups and string

Chat rooms - Congregating with random people to chat.

Yahoo answers – My parents

Google reader - The library

Google maps – OS map - A dictionary

Google translator – German to English phrase book

Ragdoll avalancheFind our own avalanches in order to lose limbs until death.

Wow, life would sure suck without the internet!


Amanda said...

Wow, this is hilarious :)

Colin said...

Thank-you :)

Teddie Ann said...

That was halarious!

I actually like going to the library more than using google reader, though. I may be alone on that one. lol
At least we can all agree that Ragdoll avalache is a major upgrade from it's non internet equivalent. :)

And I think those tin cup and string things are cute. lol

Colin said...

Major upgrade!

Also yes, i sometimes resort to using tin cups and string. As everyone should every now and again. :)

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