Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coming up

Tonight for a laugh, What should Harry Potter of done?
(Tonight is British time, it is morning here right now)

This Saturday, another quiz I'll post here (See past post). Choosing some different questions this time and of course different answers. Otherwise it would be pointless, you knew that.

If you have any questions you think i should answer, e-mail me at or post here. (but that ruins other readers suprise) It doesn't matter if the questions are ridiculous, silly, funny or serious. (Serious only if you really must :)

See you then :)


Lee said...

You might want to share your posts at: Gain more traffic. :)

Colin said...

Thanks Lee :)

rheiyachen said...

LOL! love this!!

Colin said...

Thanks :)

And thanks for the first "I love you" below the post :)

Colin said...

To who ever clicked it :)

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