Monday, August 24, 2009

The problem with siblings: They eat all my food! (Namely the "Sugar puff incident" :O)

Ok, my first problem with siblings: They eat all my food! (Namely the "Sugar puff incident" :O)

When I have no siblings at home we just have enough to feed the three of us. Although when brothers and sisters come home... things start to disappear.

For example, the last biscuit which I hid at the back of the cupboard and the pack of crisps I was going to finish this evening. Eventually it turns nasty... and they eat the last bowl of my favourite cereal! :O

Like me the eat cereal at supper time… anything, anytime, whenever you are hungry!

One incident which happened only a few weeks ago, "The sugar puff incident" is particularly memorable.

It started with my mum checking how much milk we had left in the fridge, and there was enough for us all to have some with our cereal.

So the next morning comes round, I pour the cereal into the bowl. Go into the fridge only to find there is no milk! *Shock, HORROR!*

I find out my brother has drank it all the night before! (Or almost all of it) So here I am me eating my two bowls of sugar puffs without any milk! That was a nuisance but I shouldn't complain because I found out, that sugar puffs actually taste awesome without milk! (Even better with it though!) Plus I shouldn't complain because it's just a worthless nothing nuisance!... Hey, I should coin that!


dannyd said...

Siblings...what can you do? :P

And you must have had a huge sugar rush after that lol!

Great post, and I hope you can see my new post:

Lydia Flitwick said...

Ah, siblings. I have four, and two step-brothers. Can't live with 'em, it ain't legal to kill 'em.

Colin said...

Ye, thanks for the comment lydia :D

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