Sunday, August 16, 2009

The book I’m reading – 1984 by George Orwell

The book I’m reading – 1984

I’m not reviewing this book; just making a short post about me reading it.
Well, let us start at the best place to start which will be the start… (This is not the end, read on, this is the start, just so you know!)

It started with a book we have to read for our English class, this book, is 1984 by George Orwell and seems like a great book. A bit dull for some in the class, but not I, I reckon it’s a pretty good book. I reckon it’s a pretty EPIC book.

Anyway, I soared ahead of the majority of the class, reaching approximately page 216 after two weeks. Then it was the holidays and I was away for three weeks in Australia! (EPIC) I have been home from that for about three weeks now and have made it to page 219. I’ve read 3 pages, in 3 weeks. In fact probably closer to two pages and a half I admit. (EPIC FAIL)

As it happens I finished before the holidays at a really particularly dull part of the book. The section goes from about page 192 to page 226. I managed to bore my self whilst trawling through that section a page a week…and still have someway to go. To make things worse, I go back to school on Wednesday, only three nights from now. So, that means I have about… *works it out* …100 pages to go in three nights!

I can’t be bothered reading it tonight, I doubt I’ll come around to reading it tomorrow and so I fear come Tuesday night I will have forgotten about it and will be up all night reading it. Thrilling! Mark my words, I’ll have a day to read a third of the book. (Unless the whole internet crashes tomorrow but I don’t see that happening.) (EPIC CATASTROPHE)



Kyrie said...

I have to read Deep Economy by Monday, August 24. I think I can do's only about 200 or 300 pages, so it's not bad.

I just really hate reading :(

Kyrie said...

Oh...o.o I just noticed it now, but thank you for favoriting me on your "favorite blogs" xD

...I'm embarrassed now, lol.

dannyd said...

I read 1984 in eighth grade, and I liked it, and found it very scary, but thought the scenario very, very implausible. Humans have had free will for thousands of years, and one dictator or group of dictators cannot destroy free will in just 40 years...Enjoy!

I like your blog, and will be doing a TV review, similar to your reviews, here:

I have followed your blog and added it to my faves. Please follow me! :D

Colin said...

Thanks for the post kyrie :)

And thanks for the post and follow danny :D

I considered doing a follow up blog post highlighting how so many things he predicted came true.

For example, the telescreen. Television was only few and far between in his day. He predicted it would be in every house and guess what it is!

He predicted you would be constantly under surviellance and we are! CCTV camaras are everywhere, always watching.

Also, goldstein... the mysterious character, figure of hatred that unites the nation. A bit like to the western world Al Queda (forget my spelling)

Also, it is a nation constantly at war, which unites the nation and makes them feel they need to pull togethor and work togethor. How long has our "war on terror" gone on for? Will it ever end?

So you know, i finished the book on that day :) Just read for a few hours :D

dannyd said...

I'd like to point out that:

a.) In the world of 1984, telescreens were two-way, meaning that people could watch you as you watch TV. Is that the case now? No.

b.) Yes, but we aren't being watched everywhere; there are places where the cameras still don't go. Plus, it's fun to wave at them. :P

c.) Whereas Goldstein was likely fictional, al Qaeda is real.


d.) Hopefully, the War on Terror will end once President Obama pulls the troops out of Iraq and finishes up in Afghanistan.

Also, thanks for following SigNoth! I'm doing a guest post on The Sweet Spot here:

Colin said...

a) I suppose i could claim webcam :)

b) In a city, you are mostly being watched all the time.

c)Goldstein is likely fictional... But al Qaeda is definetly a shady opperation, made more so by the media and government.

d) ...We will have to wait and see :D

But i agree, right now the world isn't nearly that bad and we are all (mostly) free.

Thank goodness.

dannyd said...

Yay for freedom! :D

Let's hope that our blogs aren't being watched right now...O_O

If we were- it's off to download Tor!!!

Stamp It Out said...

Colin - Thanks for letting me know about the problems with the comments page on my blog - all sorted know.
Maximum respect big man :-)
Nice blog.

Teri K said...

I read 1984 in High School -- before 1984. There was a lot of talk about "could this really happen?" and "What will 1984 be like?" Well, to tell the truth, it was a lot like 1983.
I, like some of the previous writers, don't think it would be that easy to get people to give up free will. It's in our nature.
Now sit down and finish that book!

therealbobthought said...

finally reached your site. i read 1984, in 1984, procrastination for you

Colin said...

Glad you reached it bob :D

And no delaying anymore, I have finished it now read the 100 pages the day before it was due!

And yes it is a Epic book :D Lets hope our world doesn't end up like that :O

Thank-you guys for all the feedback!

Words by Ali said...

I hate when you have to read a book for school and you just can't get into it. That's always the worst.

Colin said...

Ye, i liked the book in the end :D Just certain parts were a bit dull.

Thanks Ali

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