Monday, August 31, 2009

Day off: Guitar, Blues, Mini Bike stunts and the Edinburgh festival.

Well, my weekend is over and I am back at school as usual but as promised, I spent a day off my laptop. I was in fact I was off for longer than that, over 48 hours in total :) *Impressive I know :P* So ye, I was last online Saturday morning and didn’t make a post, which means I haven’t posted much at all this last week, so I am up for the challenge of creating some good content over this next week!

Anyway, Saturday was a good day, almost entirely without the laptop. I went into Edinburgh, went to the Edinburgh festival, hung out with friends and went to the movies.

Now the Edinburgh festival is awesome. I saw all sorts; I had a few hours before I met my friends, so I wandered about watching street performers. It was great fun, I saw guys on miniature bicycle doing tricks (miniature, miniature, miniature!), a guy playing rocking solos on the ukulele, I saw juggling (Fire, juggling balls, knifes, you know the drill!), Diabolo, a guy lying on a bed of glass and awesome blues playing.

A few pictures of what I saw (and heard for that matter)

Ukulele solo!

It’s annoying because I would have taken more pictures and a longer video but I still have to upload my pictures from Australia so my camera is pretty full! What is even more annoying is that I actually managed to leave my camera complete with the case in the cinema. Thank-fully *Thank-you!* my brother went in the next day and claimed it. *Legend* (It seems siblings aren’t so bad after all!)

Anyway, the majority of the afternoon was me listening to “Richard Blues” playing his blues guitar on the royal mile. He is so good and so entertaining; I gave him £12 of my own money (£10 of it on his CD which is awesome by the way!). Awesome guitarist and awesome entertainer! (Video coming soon)

He was funny; he taught the small children who had never heard blues that it was like the first time you dropped your ice cream on the floor. He went on later to describe his audience as he played, “The pretty lady with the blue stripy top thing and the white leggings things and blue shoes!” He went on to describe me, (I was wearing my “Cowboy” Kangaroo hat so I stuck out like a sore thumb) he said,

“This guy may only be young, but I have seen him with five different women today!”

I was like “What can I say, no denying it!” *Shrugs*

This guitarist is a great, I have his CD and love it and I could listen to him for hours. (I did on Saturday!)

On the way home I stopped at a fish and chip shop. They do soup so I asked for soup. It came, (in a tub) by itself with a roll. I asked if I could have a spoon. They rolled there eyes as if to say, “*Sigh* Why does this always happen, why does a spoon come in handy whilst having soup?”

They gave me a fork. You do not know how hard it is to eat soup with a fork and either do they! They could have at least provided some sporks, it would have been easier.

I was playing basketball on Sunday, so much for resting eh! I did rest from being on the computer though. I came home with a thumping headache; I tried to convince my mom that it was because my eyes hadn’t adjusted to not being in front of a computer screen. Other than that nothing interesting really happened on Sunday. If you play basketball then you’ll be interested to know I dunked the Ball on ten foot. (Me the fourteen year old at just under 6”2).

Although one interesting thing happened, we were waiting for a bus and we went into McDonalds. A guy comes into McDonalds with a mop handle and starts pretending to mop the floor. He asks “See if I mop the floor right, do I get free meals...?... Come on, it’s my own mop!” *He leaves*
He wasn’t serious but that was so funny it may have just been the highlight of my non-computing day!

And so you know, I was busy so wasn’t thinking about the computer that much but when I went back on I had forty five e-mails and a tonne of stuff to do! I look forward to next Sunday although I may not make a post about it, I’ll wait and see!

"Just Some girl" took a day off too!

Danny took a day off too!


dannyd said...

That Edinburgh festival sounds like it was a lot of fun! :D

I have decided to take my day off tomorrow, and so I am cramming a lot of things on my blog that would normally be spread out over days into today's post, which you can read here:

And, I would also like you to see this:

Carl Paolo said...

nice. you really did take a dayoff! you took two. congratulations! haha. I like the mcdonalds incident on top of all that happened during your non computer day. cheers! ---cp

JustSomeGirl said...

It just shows that you can see so much when you open your eyes.. Or at least divert them from the computer screen onto the world..

Sounds like you had fun.. Which I guess was partially the point..

[Oh and thanks for the little shout out..]


Colin said...

Thanks guys :)

No problem Justsomegirl :D Good post btw too Justsomegirl, good job!

dannyd said...

Hey Colin! This is my "day off" post:

Milly MollyMandy said...

The ukulele rockers you mentioned are the almighty legends POCKET FOX <3 they are like... WOOOOOOOOOW RIGHT? Actually love them :)

Cole Thornton said...

Colin, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I saw a post you made in the blogger forum. I run the blog over at and we are looking for find student guest bloggers (we are running a blog competition to win an ipod touch). I was looking for your email, but had no luck. Shoot me an email at cole(at)ischoolband(dot)com. I would love to get some of your blogs posted. Thanks!

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