Monday, August 3, 2009

Long way or not even long enough to warrant a search for your iPod?

Ever been on a long trip or maybe a journey you just think is a long way!

Well how long was this journey actually, forty five minutes, one hour, five hours or twenty hours?

I was going on a 45 minutes car drive with a friend today and yesterday he said, “You should take an iPod or something because it could get pretty boring.”

This made me think, because 45 minutes away isn’t a long way. I remember taking the car on hour and a half drives to Glasgow and that used to seem like a long way or even a three hour trip to places in England which used to be unbearable, although in reality, it isn’t a long way unless you do it daily. My Aunt commutes daily into Sydney; this takes two hours to get there and two hours to get back. Now that sounds like long way, but only since she does it every single day! Surely forty five minutes isn’t to be considered a long way, in my opinion it's not long enough to warrant searching for my iPod for entertainment!? 45 minutes isn’t long!

After being on holiday for three weeks in Australia and having to cover great distances I don’t know what a long way is anymore, a few hours in a car, thirty minutes in a boat or maybe eight hours in a slow moving train? Although one thing is for sure, twenty three hours in a plane (Britain to Australia) is a long, long way! Imagine that for a second or for 82,800 seconds if you wish to experience the entire journey. Trust me, 82,800 seconds in a plane is boring and no fun, especially if you are 6”2 and have long legs.

Anyway, this country is small, so most long journeys (Actual long ones) tend to leave the country. If I wanted I could be out the country by midnight tonight. I could say tomorrow, “Well, I feel like leaving the country this morning and coming back tonight for dinner.” And I could do it and all by car too! With enough time remaining between for a few cups of English breakfast tea and some Lancashire Hot Pot, plus a few hours twiddling my thumbs.

Anyway, what do you guys consider a long journey?



Mi Thoughts said...

I live 2 hours from San Francisco, and travel there frequently. The drive seems to fly by faster and faster. I'd say 2 hours now is nothing. But, in California, driving for awhile is pretty standard.

Colin said...

Thank-you for the input :)

That's the case in california, but of course in scotland it's not the same. The longest journey isn't even that long. Unless you take a route that goes round the coast, then it might take a while longer but still it's nothing compared to other journeys.

Nicole said...

My husband and I drove across the US this past winter (the long way..from Washington, down through California, across Texas and then up to New York). We spent probably 12 hours minimum in the car each day for the entire trip, so anything under about 8 hours seems like a short do-able trip. However, when I flew from Washington to Japan or Saudi Arabia...that was a long flight!

Colin said...

I can imagine!

8 hours is a short trip, thats a first for me!

Teri K said...

I grew up in rural Colorado, where farms are spread out, and towns are few and far between. It wasn't unusual for kids to ride the bus for an hour and a half one way to school. We drove that long to get to my orthodontist. I've also lived, and driven, all over the US. For us a trip doesn't get long till it's over six hours. i'd be surprised if anyone in the US considere 45 minutes a long drive, many commute that long to work. I've been in England for a summer and I LOVED it! But after six weeks I realized my eyes actually ached. They wanted to be able to look out and see for miles to the horizon. Getting off the plane in Denver I wanted to fall to my knees and kiss the ground. I could see again, really look around. It felt wonderful.

Colin said...

I enjoyed reading over abookwithaview, thanks for sharing :)

II Kurisu II said...

I consider the trip down the stairs and to my fridge a long journey lol but then again I'm just lazy =]

Teddie Ann said...

I'm terrible antsy and I get bored so easily... I guess I consider an hour a long journey.

With that said, I take my MP3 player everywhere, because for me, really, 20 minutes is more than long enough to get boring. lol

I live in a large city where most everything is pretty close. I haven't taken a really long car ride in a while.

Colin said...

Thanks for commenting teddie Ann. :) Appreciated.:D

Speaking of journeys, i travelled to glasgow yesterday. About 1 hour - 1 hour and a half. Not a long way, but i decided to take my iPod none the less.

Infact if i actually have an pair of headphones that work then i will take my iPod even if i am only out for like... 20 minutes but if i don't have a pair that are working, i survive :)

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