Monday, December 28, 2009

White Christmas

We had a white Christmas this year!

It has been snowy for a few weeks but I’ve not had much luck with snow. There was a leak in one room in the house the other day, a drip coming from the ceiling. The snow was melting but the drain was blocked with ice and the water was leaking into the house. So I had to get the ladder and go out into the cold and scrape away all the ice and snow from the gutter. The only problem was that the ladder was too small for me to get to the right height to get at the gutter. So I was required to balance precariously at the top of the ladder to scrape at the snow and ice. After only a little success I climbed down, my brother gave it a shot with a bigger ladder, a wooden spoon and a soup ladle. The wooden spoon and soup ladle seemed to work, leastways the leak cleared up so we didn’t complain about the choice of tools and we managed to stop him before he put them back in the utensil drawer... so that's a bonus.

That among other things is what has made snow misfortunate, including newspaper delivering incidents. *Sigh* (Long term readers might know that newspaper delivering incidents are traumatic :P)

I know that in some places there is a lot more snow and some places none at all! So, did you enjoy a white Christmas this year or indeed a scorching hot one for some you? :)