Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Take a break, take a day off your computer!

Ok, I like blogging, I like surfing the net and I like computers in general! I reckon I am probably on this thing to much though. I do not know how I manage it but I pretty much waste hours doing nothing! I need to try and cut back on the amount of nothing I do online, which sounds ridiculous but it happens every time I go on the computer. Sometimes I spend… six hours on the computer if I’m not at school and these six hours are about the length of my school day! Plus if it rains, there is nothing else to do so I spend ages online! (Unfortunately when winter comes around we always expect a lot of rain and a lot of cold!) Going on the computer is a daily exercise, even if I do not write a blog post.

So, I have decided to take a day off, one day off this week, then every week! I’ll have my day off and then the next day I’ll write about it. Why not? I’m sure it will create a potential blog post from a different angle.

I challenge you to do the same, spend a day off the computer then write a blog post about it. If you are on the computer daily and for a long time you have even more reason to take the challenge or possibly you have a mild writers block, you’ll get a whole day to think to yourself and a whole day to write about! Leave the URL in the comment section if you have made a post on the subject and I’ll place a link to your post at the bottom of mine after my day off.

I’ve chosen this Sunday as my day off; after all it is the “day of rest” so I am going to take a rest! Have your day off a day or two before or after Sunday and I’ll link back to you.

(In case you’re wondering I was inspired to write about this when I actually had a dream I was checking my e-mails, I mean c’mon, I must be due a break!)

Happy blogging!

(Here is a humorous post which asks “Living online. Is it bad? Is it?” which carries on what i was getting at :)


dannyd said...

Happy non-blogging! :P

Before you take that day off, though, be sure to read and comment on my latest post:

JustSomeGirl said...

Okay, I do basically the same thing.. Waste hours doing basically nothing..
So I accept your challenge.. And I'm also going to take Sunday off..

And then blog about it on Monday..

Can't wait to hear how yours goes..

Good luck..

[Oh and I'll link you in my blog.. When I write it..]


Chester said...

I know what you mean about seemingly alway being on the pc, and my work revolves around one too in my full time job, so my eyes are probably in their worst shape for years!

Mind you I do really enjoy blogging now having only started a couple of months ago, just need to make it pay now =)

Anyway, enjoy your Sunday off!

Not sure if you're into your football, but if you are have a look at this one, and see what you think:

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Colin, your dead on. Could be on this thing for hours and have nothing to show for it. A day off a week sounds good. Cause of my work week, i'm gonna have to go with Tuesday.

Ana said...

I think you shan't be so hard on yourself, as if your online, you must be enjoying it. So what, if it's stuck in front of the computer for a number of hours. Remember consoles? I used to bunk off just to spend hours on my NS playing street fighter, and I never felt guilty. Quite the contrary I enjoyed it, and I always found my time to be away from it. I think it's ultimatetly about understanding that, despite what you might think. Always lovely to be away from the computer, without force of course. This is a nice incentive nonetheless, what you are doing. Dedicating a day especially for being outside. Happy sunday, when it comes around. Nice blog you have here. I found you via bloggeries. :)

Colin said...

Thank-you you guys!

Thank-you! I can't wait to see your post :)

Thanks chester :)

@Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats
I look forward to reading about your day off :)

I never feel guilty after being on my pc but I do not wish to spend to much time and lose my social life or go square eyed :P I feel i do more productive things whilst offline, practising guitar, practising diabolo... or just getting out and about :)

Carl Paolo said...

okay I'll take a break surfing the internet after I blog this blog.

That means I'll blog this blog tomorrow?


Colin said...

Lol, you confused me carl!

Ana said...

Hey Colin,
That is lovely to hear, and I can relate as well. :) As I am of similiar nature. I love being outside. Though I admit I still have my moments of creativity indoors, with my art and crafts. It's a mixture for me, at a balance.
Happy Weekend.
Nice to be back.
Hope you are having a super saturday.
Your blog is lovely, and I like your thoughts.

JustSomeGirl said...

I did it..
Did you..?

Take a look here..
[ ]



dannyd said...

After much consideration (mostly on picking the right date, I accept your challenge, and I pick Tuesday as my "day off" from Signifying Nothing, so that I can pack a lot of SigNoth stuff into one post on Monday. I will let you know how that goes on Wednesday. :D

Colin said...

Thank-you all! I look forward to reading all your posts! (I'm just about to write mine!)

Thunderroad79 said...

When you start dreaming you are on your computer - that's a surefire sign you're a bit addicted :-). Because I work at a computer, it's easy during the week to go on facebook, my blog, other blogs etc...but on the weekend I barely touch the computer. I schedule my daily blogs on Friday to post on the weekend so I don't have to worry about it...

Lydia said...

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