Thursday, August 6, 2009

What should Harry Potter have done?

What should Harry Potter of done?

I remember a scene from the very first Harry Potter ( Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone), where Hagrid comes to find him near the beginning and Harry just goes along with him. Almost no questions asked. (The scene where Harrys uncle has a shotgun. I’ve thought of a couple of different scenarios that could have happened, should of happened and would have made for a much more realistic film. ;)

As Hagrid walk in here is what Harry does or says-

Angry Harry- “Where the f*** have you been? I have been waiting almost ten years for this!”

Smoker Harry - *Cough*Cough

Confused Harry- “…Where am I?...”

Confused Harry- “…Who am I?...”

Armed Harry- Pulls out gun “Back the f*** up before I kick you in your bitch-ass chin!”

Gay Harry- “Yay, magic… I’m a magician…*Poof”

Pessimistic Harry- “Voldemort will only rise again and kill us all anyway, what is the point?”

Neutral Harry – “Don’t mind”

Weed grower Harry – “What are the Herbology departments facilities like?

Gaylord Harry – “There is only room for one Gay in this wizarding community, we cannot be gay whilst the other is gay, Gaylord Voldemort must die!”

Mute Harry-


Kyrie said...

o.o Lol...very interesting. The many characteristics of Harry Potter.

I laughed hysterically when you put in the smoker harry. Lol, why not go with:

Confused Harry- “…Who am I?...” :D

Thank you for sharing this. :)

Colin said...

You'r welcome :)

Thanks for reading :)

Although my personal favourite which is right at the bottom is-

Mute harry -

lol, thanks again :)

Nicole :) said...

Awww Colin, haha I stumbled across this thanks to your link on bebo when I was bored. I really giggled at these hahaha! Thanks for cheering be up this (rather boring) Friday night.

Colin said...

Thanks nicole, i'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

Do you know me on bebo? :)

Nicole :) said...

Yeah, I'm in your Modern Studies class hahaha!

Colin said...

Of course, i thought you were some random. Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Lydia Flitwick said...

Loved the weed grower Harry, that was definitely my favorite! :)

Colin said...

Thanks Lydia, glad you enjoyed it :)

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