Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ever only just missed a train? Ever only just caught a train?

Well, yesterday I had to run for my train, like really sprint! The train after the one we were aiming to catch was an hour later, so we really needed to make it, we really ran! We were catching the train to get home and if we missed the train we were trying to catch we would be home much later than I’m comfortable with. Considering today was the first day back at school after the holidays and more importantly, I was hungry!

We had to get there quickly because we didn't have much time to spare and i managed to get there with fifteen minutes to spare. Although one of the four of us decided not to take the overpass over the road (which leads straight to the train station) and crossed the road. He couldn't find the station (Even though he was right next to the rails, *Just follow the rails! You'll get to one eventually!) and had wandered far enough that he couldn't find his way back to the overpass!

Anyway, the other three of us were at the station, logically positioned at the opposite side we arrived at and we were totally confu*ddled because there wasn't a single train stopping at our stop. That was partly my fault because i looked up the train times and didn't realise it involved going in the other direction from the home station (which means from the opposite platform we were standing at) to change and hop on another train and then head back to home.

We worked this out whilst the train we needed to catch was in the station! Despite the fact we were ready to run at this stage we were still one man down. I recommended we leave, because after all I was so worried about being tired for my first day back at school and I wanted to get back early! *Cough* I *Cough* Was *Cough* Hungry *Cough*

Then, the missing friend walks around the corner "Hey Guys"
We point at the train and shout "That's our train!"

We sprint down under the underpass (Is that the word?), past the entrance to the other platform... Run back as fast as we can, up the ramp and onto the platform. The guy is about to close the doors but realises that we are running to get on. So we made it! Only just... It's exhilarating and great fun but it sure wouldn't have been if he hadn't made it in time!


dannyd said...

I have run to get to a station before a train came before, and I feel your pain lol!

Check this out:

Colin said...

Ye, i felt stupid! I run in ready to hop onto a train to realize the next train is in fifteen mins.

Then in the end i still have to run for it because it's on the other platform and i realise at the last second!

Thanks Danny :)

Charlene said...

Colin: Nice blog -- keep writing!

Chester said...

Well I remember the time I was there all in good time at the station, climbed aboard the train, found a nice comfy seat, got going, then & only then realised was sitting on the wrong train completely!!! Durrr...

Colin said...

Thanks Charlene :)

Thank-you Chester :D

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