Sunday, September 27, 2009

Glasgow! Bean cans! and a couple of LPs!

I was in Glasgow yesterday, not up to much…

I was supposed to be buying someone a present as well… instead I managed to buy them nothing and buy myself five CDs and two LPs. I got every single thing under £6 each… *Bargain* Ye, I’m hopeless with money, if it is in my pocket then it “burns a hole”, so I need to spend it quickly.

The Kinks – Singles collection
The Who – Then and now (Including the song “Pinball wizard” which bears some relevance)
Bob Dylan – The collection
Bryan Adams – Anthology
Jimi Hendrix –Experience Hendrix

Eric Clapton
Bryan Adams

I’ve found I’ve always wanted a Vinyl record. Don’t know why, but I have a record player so why not? Tonight I’ll try those two LPs tonight and have a hunt through my Dads old records. Old school ;)

It was funny, I was at my Grandmothers house on the way back from Glasgow, for some reason my Grandad (or Papa as we call him… Glaswegian) was saying how I need to build some muscle, he was saying I need to go home and get the bean cans and start doing bicep curls with them. He was like-

“Look, I’ll show you”

He tensed to reveal muscular arms. He told me how he had been using the bean cans every day (no doubt for the last 60 odd years of his life!). He now expects me to be stronger next time I see him now that he has given me his expert advice… (It certainly worked for him!)

It is time to hit the Bean Cans!


plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Haha, you should use a bag of cat litter...that's what I do (my mum says the same thing to me btw), or perhaps a bag of shopping on the way home.
Check out my latest post:

dannyd said...

Vinyl records were the iPods of their day lol!

Great post. Hope you can see mine:

Chester said...

"I’m hopeless with money, if it is in my pocket then it “burns a hole”, so I need to spend it quickly."

Maybe I should add a donate button to my blog, and direct you there every day Colin =)

As far as the vinyl goes, got tons of them in the loft, as my blog went on about at the weekend, but used to have a massive fascination with collecting both 7" & 12" singles as well as the Now's & Hits lp's, all good!

Colin said...

Thanks guys :P

The shopping XD
Another positive reason to go shopping!

iPods of the day indeed, thanks danny!

Colin said...


Lol, ye maybe I should give you all my money before i spend it :P

Anonymous said...

Hope you build up those biceps bud, good luck lol. What the heck is an LP? I'm american, forgive my stupidity! haha


Colin said...


A LP stands for long play. It refers to a vinyl record :)

dennis hodgson said...

You remind me of my son [then about your age]. He was ratching through my CD collection:

"Hey Dad! I didn't know you liked Jimi Hendrix!"

Good to see the younger generation still appreciates some of the old stuff. I wrote about what it was like to grow up in the 1960s in

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