Thursday, September 24, 2009

Be it Talk like a pirate day?

It was, on the 19th September (Every year) “International Talk like a pirate day”. That was just last Saturday, anyone reading this involved in “Talk like a pirate day”?

Unfortunately I forgot about it on the day so I wasn’t speaking like a pirate and I didn’t see an single pirate either! *Not even a single eyepatch*

Although, after browsing the net a little bit I found that tomorrow is
National Comic book day! So, I’ll dig out the Spiderman pyjamas I owned when I was five and I’ll attempt to squeeze into them… and fail no doubt...

Those pyjamas made me feel


dannyd said...

lol! I wish I had posted about Talk Like a Pirate Day! That must have been fun for all ye maties! :P

Hope you can see and comment on this:

Kate said...

Damn wish there had been more talking like pirates in London. I have a pirate thing - any guy dressed like a pirate is suddenly hot.

Okay now I wrote that it looks odd.... I'll get my coat

Kate x

Colin said...

Thanks guys :D

And lol @ Kate :P

ViVi B. said...

Talk like a Pirate Day? Dang. This is just like the day I had no idea it was "National Grab the A** day" (according to my guy friends...), but the catch is, they only told me to be careful of a**-grabbers AFTER the day was over. >_> Lmao.

@ Kate I know right? Have you seen Johnny as Jack Sparrow? xD I never thought anybody could look so HOT in dreadlocks. ~End of Shallow Moment~

Colin said...

National grab the A** day! :P I've not heard that one!

ViVi B. said...

*Ponders about it for a moment* Yeah, well, maybe *insert name here* was being sly... what a clever *cough* excuse he came up with to cover-up his crime. But then again, I shouldn't be talking, since I bought it :P

Colin said...

Lol @ Vivi

That was some great quick thinking on his behalf :P

Sailing Gal said...

@ kate, I ah-gree! any dude in a pirate outfit is soo hawt.... my friends think im just strange..... apparentally it's beach boys this season... i'll get the ones past the sandbar while they are scouring the beaches!
shiver me timbers! ;)

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