Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aerial strike

There has been an Aerial strike on my street.

Before you ask no, our houses haven't been bombed by Aeroplanes.

Although "Rebels" have passed through the area. Yes, the idiots that have nothing better to do with their lifes, so... they go along our street unscrewing Aerials from car rooftops.

If I'm in the car with my parents now I cannot listen to the radio, instead I'm stuck with a bunch of random CDs.

Damn. That is a major nuisance. Major.


dannyd said...

What are aerials anyway? And hopefully those vandals will be caught soon!

Hope that you can come down and read this:


Chester said...

Same thing happened to my area a few months back, they actually must have prepared a military style operation, as no one heard them doing it in the middle of the night.

It's so bloddy annoying though, as most people had theirs unscrewed, where as mine was snapped off, about 1 month after I'd got a new car too! Not impressed.

I haven't bothered to replace mine yet as it's about £50 to do so, so I'm making do with CD's for now.

Mind you, I did get off lucky, others had eggs & paint thrown over their cars, shocking!

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