Thursday, September 10, 2009

A nice old lady, lots of melon and some kind of strange incurable melon addiction!

I remember one particularly vivid childhood memory, (when I said childhood I meant like four years ago). It involved a nice old lady, Sunday lunch and a lot of melon. Now I was staying at my Moms-Moms house, so my Grandmas house and one of my Grandmas friends had invited me and my mom to Sunday lunch. Of course we obliged and in the most part the meal was fine and not particularly memorable now at all.

We finished the meal and then she came through with a bowl full of pieces of melon… Now I do not like melon but there was only a manageable amount on my plate so I obliged, I mean... one can’t reject food from a nice old lady, especially when she prepares it specially. Seemingly I kept turning around and every time I did so, she popped an extra piece of melon on my plate or at least that’s how it seemed to work out.
“Your just like my grandson Nick, he simply loves melon.” She exclaimed,

I’m just like,

“Oh, Goodness no! You’ve got me all wrong nice old lady!”

Of course I didn’t say that, I mean... one can’t say such things to a nice old lady.

I finish the melon pieces,

“Don’t worry there is plenty more from melons where that came, let me just prepare some more.” She reassures me.

Of course when a nice old lady offers you extras one has to oblige but that is a unspoken rule I’ve never heard of, unfortunately so much melon had already got into my blood stream I couldn’t be saved, melons have haunted my nightmares for my life thus far and no doubt will until I realize how good they taste with Sugar Puffs (That’s a different story guys, don’t sweat it.).

Anyway, this old lady is very nice, she is a very nice old lady unfortunately she thinks I have some kind of strange incurable melon addiction.


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh a bit. I like your writing style mate. Looking forward to reading what else you have to say!


Carl Paolo said...

I have an incurable coffee addiction... what a memory you've got!

ViVi B. said...

LOL. How random? I love it. -.- My name is ViVi and I am an Doritos addict. *eats doritos chip* Pssh. I can stop anytime ;D

dannyd said...

Goodness, that made me roll on the floor laughing! I have an addiction to beef jerky, chips and salsa, and Texas-style chili- in fact, almost all meat. :P

Great post! I can't wait to see your future posts, and I hope that you can come down to my blog and see this:

Colin said...

Thank-you guys :)

Let me go and brainstorm some new post ideas for you all :D

Chester said...

and why is it when you go and visit the oldies, they always lay a plate of Rich Tea biscuits out for you, that have probably been in the cupboard for years, and now well out of date!

It's never the Hob Nobs, Bourbons, or Custard Creams is it??? I'm sure they do this on purpose, and as soon as you are gone, they crack open the real stuff laughing at us!

Or...maybe not.

Colin said...

Lol, indeed Chester. Always saving the best bickies for themselves :P

Thunderroad79 said...

I had a similar incident recently with some no-flavor pie...

Averie89 said...

I think your blogs are hilarious! Something entertaining to read while I have a break in my day. I'm new to the whole blogging thing and yours was the first one I read thanksfull becuase it was funny!

Colin said...

Thanks Averie! :)

Glad you think it's entertaining :D

No flavour pie, *Yummy* or not :)

plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Haha, this made me laugh...I hate melons.
Check out mine

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