Friday, July 31, 2009

Pinball Dad, Pinballed Son

Whilst at a family member’s house I was stuck with no internet. I played solitaire for a while, but found I had no patience… so moved on to play 3D pinball. This started to get boring pretty quickly. Then my dad had a shot and beat my score. My Dad beat my score (My own dad!); I couldn’t stand for this, this is one of the things where you simply have to win!

So after a long time I managed to beat his original score, but he had already set an even better score which I have still to beat! Later on I find out my Dad was some kind of weird pinball addict, he went round arcades playing pinball. Not something you would find in my generation I don’t reckon… But anyway I battle on; I mean I can’t let my dad beat me at something on a computer!

(Despite the fun, i'm glad to have the internet back and have more than just Pinball to do on the laptop


Colin said...

Note: I just discovered a cheat that can make you win 3D pinball... at complete ease. So if the worse comes to the worse, (Which seems inevitable) then I will surprise my dad with a fantastic score.

KLdudeXtremeHerMan said...

WOW AWESOME BLOG!!! I love 3D pinballs and Tim Robbin OMG u and me are like the same person OMG!! :0 we should meet sometime ;) xxx ooo

WoW Lvl 60

Colin said...

Cool man, cool...



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