Sunday, October 11, 2009

To busy for blogging - Not really, Poker took over.

I’ve not written a post in ages… like ten days!

Now, maybe it’s just me but I for one get fed up of long winded explanations as to why there was no posts for so long… *Hate them… *Just hate them…

Here is mine in case (for some strange reason) you are interested-

Well, that’s the thing right, I could say I spent the whole week at school and the rest of the time practising 3D pinball so I could beat my dad (Long story) but it wouldn’t be true... but I do have an interesting spin to the story, there was a whole week at school and for the rest of the time, I was addicted to online poker.

Yep, I gamble and I’m fifteen years old… *Shocking isn’t it?* Well, don’t worry. It is only on Facebook but it is strangely addictive. I made lots of “Money” throughout the week but then managed to lose 90% of it in 30 seconds. The following 20% in the following 35 seconds…

Anyway, I’m back now which is the main thing albeit I'm typing a lot slower since I sold my right arm to pay off my new debts… (Don’t let this stop you playing free family freindly poker on Facebook)

That is not my excuse for saying from now on I will only be posting two or three times a week. That is the case though, two or three time a week. (I sense two). You'll be glad to know it’s pure laziness.

Anyway, I’ll brainstorm some new ideas and be back in a couple of days. (I hope)


plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Hmm, not sure your sums add up...or am I being thick?

plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Hey, maybe that's why you lost dude :-)

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Colin, I'm glad to see you giving a 110% to online gambling. :)

Charli :) said...

hahaha I thought 100 minus 90 was 10?
Colin you tool (:.

But I've played Facebook poker before as well.. From one to another, you got out before it began.

Keep it u dude (:

Chester said...

Gotta say I am absolutely useless at Poker, like the old Blackjack but you never seem to make money on that!!!

Good to see you back Colin!

Colin said...

LOl, thanks for the comments guys :D

I lost 110% of my profits, hence the fact I had to sell one arm to pay that extra 10% off XD


dannyd said...

Wow, really? I thought you were better than that, Colin! :P

I haven't made a post in three days, and I was ACTUALLY busy looking at colleges in D.C.

Hope you can come down and comment on this latest post:

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