Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eighteen plus how many years?

Ok, we all like eating out every now and again. Recently though I have discovered a problem.

Well, the first time it happened and I’m in a restaurant and I have a foreign waiter. Firstly we order the drinks. Me, I go for Ginger beer (Which is usually non-alcoholic.) Then the foreign waiter comes back asks “Is this suitable sir?” as he is holding an Alcoholic Ginger Beer, 5.5% alcohol. I turn it down because I’m with my mom and tell him I’m not old enough to buy alcohol. So, he comes back and gives me a children’s menu. I’m thinking I haven’t been given one of these since I was five years old and so I’m left wondering where this guy comes from and asking myself…how old you need to be to buy alcohol in that country!?

So, after having recovered from the embarrassment of being given a children’s menu we go back to this restaurant. I ask for the Ginger Beer. The waiter brings the Alcoholic stuff.

Asks if I want it…

I respond…

“I’m really tempted but a few years ago I used to be a bit of an alcoholic. SOoo… I’ll have to decline.”

I realize this one isn’t a foreign waiter and I watch as he walks away doing the math in his head… Probably wondering “Eighteen plus… how many years?”

Well, one thing is for sure, I didn’t get no children’s menu that time!


plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Haha, nice trick. Good to have you back...

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

LOL Quick thinking there.

Colin said...

Thanks guys, I really need to get my act togethor and post consistantly. These long breaks must be killing any traffic I worked hard to get!

Thanks again :)

Another Face, said...

Firstly, Colin you always make me lol.
And your response is classic :)

I wonder how much you could get away with.. You could buy the alcohol to my next underage party :)

Glad you're back,


Levi said...

Haha that's hilarious. I guess you are pretty tall huh so you do look older than you are. Me too I guess when
i don't shave(im 14 btw) :) Lol sorta like when I was at restaurant with a bar and some hot promotion girls (Johnny Walker Black and White) came out and to our table and stared at me hard as they asked if someone could buy two drinks for the chance to win a hamper at pool. LOL

Colin said...


@Another face, I'll provide the alcohol for the next party, no problems ;)

Thanks for the comment :)
LOL. I'm 6'2 now and recently turned fifteen.:D

Nicole :) said...

Awww Colin, your blogs are hilarious, what a come back! Just thought I'd drop you a wee comment ya'know :).

Kate said...

Ha ha that was brilliant.

Thanks for the laugh

Kate xx

MsBurb said...

And then, before you know it, and time and tides pass you by, you're offended yet again with the possibility of being handed the SENIOR'S MENU!!!

Hey, don't laugh, Life is just one big cruel embarrassing joke...the longer you live, the bigger it gets!

Grrreat blog Colin, I'm LURKING you now, as I am morally prevented from doing that "F" thing!

Cordially, If Not Entirely Sober,
High Chief Mucky Muck of

B3 -

& TLB2 -

Colin said...


Ha, yes. I'm hoping I don't need a seniors menu anytime soon!

Thanks for the comment XD

CharlieB said...

haha that's awesome! btw do you wanna link exchange? comment back on my blog if you do.

Olivia Ella. said...

Hahaha, Collin :)
This made me laugh!
I'm new to the whole 'World of Blogging', so its nice to find someone who has the same sence of humour as me x

TiasaurausRex said...

Haha thats really funny, You gotta love them waiters huh?
Follow for a follow?

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