Thursday, October 15, 2009

The problem with being tall : Head banging - Banging of ones head.

You don’t need to like heavy Rock’ n Roll to be a “head banger”. In fact I’m a head banger. In fact I bang my head far too much! I’d say that is the worst thing about being tall. (I’m 6 ft 2)
Public transport’s worst for it; low ceilings or low shelves above where you sit so that every time you stand up you –

A - Bang you head which usually hurts.
Followed by
B – You look like a big lanky twat
Followed by
C – You swear loudly and the mother with kids behind you get Pis***

the OAPs behind you get Pis***
the small people behind you get Pis***

Earlier this week I stayed at a youth hostel for a couple of nights, much to my dismay they gave us a room aptly named “The Hobbit Room”. Its door (with the hobbit style round finish) was low enough for me to give the top of the door frame a high five with my head. Funnily enough the room had one bed which was raised a few feet off the ground and would require a hobbit to find a stepladder. (See “The Lord of the Rings” or “The Hobbit” for reference (Reference to hobbits not stepladders)).

Quite recently I read that when you are over 6ft 2 you start to get back problems. So here I am hoping I don’t grow an inch further because otherwise I’ll get back problems and brain damage… I’d clip my head off every single door.

I’m happy with this post. Thank-you for reading/ Skipping everything except the last sentence (I do that with dull posts sometimes… not that my post is dull ;)

Feedback? I liked this post. Did you?


dannyd said...

Oh no, your post is definitely not dull? I'm wondering why you bang your head, but it's funny... :D

I hope that you can come down and read my latest post:

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

See, being 5'6" has its advantages. :)

Colin said...

@ Innocent owner of mad cats
Yes, it certainly does have it's advantages :D

I was banging my head because I'm 6'2 and was forced into a hobbit sized room for 2 days :P

Thanks for the comments :D

Another Face, said...

Colin, I love all your posts, but yeah man, this one was definitely an extremely witty one.

And dull? Mateee, you're 14 and..British? The character is all there kiddo (:

Your Aussie half,

Charli :)

John said...

Yeah, us short people do get pis*** when a tall person is in front of us at the theater, ballgame, etc! I never of tall people being susceptible to back problems...maybe keep your shoulders back (good posture) and you should be fine. Great post btw.

Nicole said...

Or worse.. you are near the front of the bus and everyone behind laughs at you. Never good. :P

MillyMollyMandy said...

Awh Colin you make me giggle! Having tall has it's advantages too though deary! You'll never be in a situation where yer girlfriend is taller than you.. You can help people in Asda who are wee shortys... But then again you do make me look like an idiot craning my neck to talk to you :P

Colin said...

LOL, ye thanks guys :P

Ye, maybe it's my posture. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for the comment! :)

(whoever you may be :O)
Thanks for the comment and you right, I'll never have a girlfreind thats teller than me! :P

+I get sore necks looking down at people! (like you!)

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