Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothing to lose - Movie review

I’m going to kick start this blog by giving the readers something to do. Readers go out and see this film, Nothing to Lose. It’s awesome, I mean I saw it whilst in Australia, and remember laughing so hard I had to pause the movie to get my breath back. Seriously it was almost a work out!

Martin Lawrence and Tim Robbins star in this 1997 comedy (Directed by Steve Oedekerk)as an unlikely partnership after Nick Beam(Tim Robbins) is convinced his wife is cheating on him with his boss. He then drives away in his car without a care in the world, when T.Paul (Martin Lawrence) jumps into Nicks car and tries to rob him he discovers Nick has …nothing to lose… he throws the wallet T.Paul was demanding out the window and drives at high speed out to the dessert. The mismatched pair reluctantly become friends and devise a scheme to get revenge on Nicks boss and solve T.Pauls money problems by robbing his company building. Which leads to my a hilarious scene, where as they are escaping the building they are forced to hide from a security guard, who then, thinking no one is watching him starts dancing the night away, leaving the thiefs waiting for hours. The guard is played by Steve Oedekerk, stand up comedian and director of the film. Steve Oedekerk completes that scene perfectly! Among other funny scenes there is the "Scatman" scene, a scene where they run into other criminals and basically every single scene in the film...

Ok, so maybe the plot isn’t great, but the acting of Martin Lawrence and Tim Robbins make up for it and more and I certainly recommend watching it!

If you read this and watch it, or have watched it before please leave some feedback on what you think. After all you have nothing to lose!


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