Monday, December 28, 2009

White Christmas

We had a white Christmas this year!

It has been snowy for a few weeks but I’ve not had much luck with snow. There was a leak in one room in the house the other day, a drip coming from the ceiling. The snow was melting but the drain was blocked with ice and the water was leaking into the house. So I had to get the ladder and go out into the cold and scrape away all the ice and snow from the gutter. The only problem was that the ladder was too small for me to get to the right height to get at the gutter. So I was required to balance precariously at the top of the ladder to scrape at the snow and ice. After only a little success I climbed down, my brother gave it a shot with a bigger ladder, a wooden spoon and a soup ladle. The wooden spoon and soup ladle seemed to work, leastways the leak cleared up so we didn’t complain about the choice of tools and we managed to stop him before he put them back in the utensil drawer... so that's a bonus.

That among other things is what has made snow misfortunate, including newspaper delivering incidents. *Sigh* (Long term readers might know that newspaper delivering incidents are traumatic :P)

I know that in some places there is a lot more snow and some places none at all! So, did you enjoy a white Christmas this year or indeed a scorching hot one for some you? :)


Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Where have you been?
Sadly, it NEVER snows in Liverpool. Very annoying.
Check out my latest:

Colin said...


Clearly I have been enjoying the festive season too much. (and November and Halloween for that matter. :P)

No, I've not been up to much, just didn't have any ideas for any posts for a few days then gave up trying to think of any.
For some reason I felt it was about time i bounced back.

And yes I will check out your latest :)

Jules said...

Not really a white christmas here no. [I live in Canada, where they say Polar Bears roam. Ha.] There was a little bit of snow, but not enough to last. I wasn't very upset about that though, as I dont enjoy the snow too much. Cool blog by the way! My friend and I have just created one, and I stumbled upon yours on a google search. (:

If you have some time you could check out mine and my friends blog: (;

prateeti said...

- Scorching hot one. D:
Very annoying. Even went to the beach yesterday. I'm sick of all this sun. :P

Levi said...

Just cool and rainy with the occasional sunny periods here in Trinidad and Tobago. Tropical climates are so boring! It rained like crazy heavy today though. I was afraid to go outdoors lol it seemed like the rain would knock me unconscious :) I'm 14 too btw- I love this teenage blogging community :)

Chester said...

Well down here in Chester, there were remains of snow from a couple of days earlier, and I think most were just happy that a sharp frost made it sort of look like a White Christmas, but sadly no snow on the day itself.

Given the way the country comes to a standstill when it does send a few snow flakes our way, it was probably just as well, apparently there is more to come in the next couple of days, even Fish may see some in Liverpool!

Colin said...

@Jules, Thanks for the comment-I'll check out your blog :)

I'm Jealous :S

You're from Trinidad and Tobago that's cool. A footballer who used to play proffesionally near me came from their. :)

Your right, as soon as their is a single flake of snow it is the subject of all conversation and attention!

CharlieB said...

never snows in GA neither, if it does they cancel school after like 1 inch cuz we never prepare for it lol

Christina said...

Hello there, you are lucky! It doesn't snow much in Idaho. We are so called the ghetos. Anyway, I was searching blogs to find a teen one and found yours so hola! Haha :) You should look at my blog :)
Bye!! XP

Colin said...

Thanks for the comments :D.

It's the same here for some schools, unfortunantly mine basically never closes :P

Thanks for the comment, I'll take a look at your blog :)

Brittany Ciara Sheets said...

I was looking for a fellow teenage blogger and found you! :) Our snow came a little early, so we had a white Thanksgiving instead.

If you have a chance, check out my blog.

Your not so average teen,
Brittany Ciara

Jules said...

You have been tagged by me. (:
You must list 5 facts about yourself, as I did here:


The Invisible Seductress said...

Florida sucks during the holiday season-smile-

Teddie Ann said...

It didn't snow on Christmas, but it snowed around that time and looked snowy outside on Christmas, so I was pleased with that. :)

Dasey said...

white xmas is always more magical! :)

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Malcolm said...
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Malcolm said...

No snow for me- I live in Peru :(. I'm really liking your blog, check out mine!
It's mostly music and other reviews/downloads, or whatever I feel like at the time.

Another Face, said...

Had a good old barbie here in Aussie :).

Plus, it's been forever and a day since you've blogged.. I forget you are around dude.. Love your stuff though

Charli x,

LFC_Loads said...

hi colin. i followed ur blog. swap? lol

cherrysnails said...

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GuruGeoff said...

Hi Colin, for a young man, you write well. Keep going.

SusanaYAY said...

I live in the freaking desert, but it's still kinda cold. Lol, even though right now I'm near the sea, so it's pretty cold.. Heh. :)

JaCk,Elf"N"ChaL said...

hey dude sweet blog, merry christmas ay mate. btw followed ur blog. follow mine ay.

JaCk,Elf"N"ChaL said...

Mio said...

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(p.s. Sorry if some words are spelled wrong or some phrases don't make sense, I'm typing this on my iPad so I have to deal with autocorrect :p)

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